Nigerians Slam Obama For Underperformance, Installing Weak African Rulers…and Murdering Strong Leaders


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Some Nigerians have taken to social media to criticise former US President Barack Obama’s policies, especially concerning Africa.

A rights campaigner, Mr Deji Adeyanju said that the former president’s legacies in Africa were negative and did not help to develop the continent.

He identified gays rights, removal of Muammar Ghaddafi and war in Libya, and the Syrian war as some of the things for which Obama would be remembered on the continent and beyond.

Adeyanju said Obama therefore has no moral right to criticise his successor, Donald Trump as he did in a recent speech.

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Another commenter, Luper Dowgo recalled that when an African-American man, Trayvon Martin, was killed by police under the administration of Obama, it did not generate anywhere the furor being displayed when George Floyd was killed recently.

Yet another, @oprosper lamented the war in Libya and its consequent impact on security in North Africa and the rest of the continent.

“Folks really need to spare us where Obama is concerned. He and his globalist friends. He was a disaster and people are still dying for his wicked policy in Lybia,” he wrote.

@Busted4Naija wrote, “The narratives are changing. I’m glad people can see the empty vessel Obama really is. All he did was brought chaos in Africa & Middle East”.

Benny Shindi stated, “Every election year, this happens. I ask them: what amazing gains did blacks make under Obama’s 8 years, and how has Trump erased those gains and set the black man backward?”

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