Nigerians React To Tinubu Comments On National Unity


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Nigerians on Nairaland Forum have expressed dissatisfaction with Tinubu’s comment on Nigeria’s Unity.

The National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Party (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu gave his absolute commitment to the unity and integrity of Nigeria yesterday in Kano.

He asserted that the indivisibility of the national project remained his top priority while on a private invitation of a Kano-based Islamic scholar, Sheik Mohammad Bin-Uthman to grace his daughter’s wedding, Naisa Mohammad Bin-Uthman, and her heartthrob, Nurudeen Adam.

Tinubu stressed that detractors would not succeed in breaking the ranks and solidarity of the nation, regardless of the present raise of trials in the country. Maintaining that even when the enemy of peace and progress of the nation would not rest in their scandalous plan, Nigerians would remain determined to uphold the sovereignty of the nation.

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Tinubu’s statement attracted several reactions from Nigerians on Nairaland Forum, a user on the platform,

Clarocuzioo said “Coming at a time when Southern regions are calling for restructuring.

“The unity of the country became negotiable the moment Boko Haram started killing with reckless abandon and the government started treating them to buffets.

“The unity of the country became negotiable when a certain section of the country occupied 90% of the security posts.

“The unity of the country became negotiable when alcohol is destroyed in a section of the country yet they enjoy the taxes from those alcohols.

“Tinubu no matter how you ass lick the balls of the northerners, they will never make you the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Recent events should have proven to you how they place you and other Southern politicians no matter how much ass you all lick.

“Oh, by the way, he went to see Gandollar, birds of a feather they say flocks together.

“Bullion van versus Babaringa dollar stuffing. That’s a wicked combination.”

Spactacle wrote, “Have you gone there to drink aboki urine?? Or you think all Nigerians are living large like you and the heartless politicians we have??.
Your days are best. Nonses”

Racoon “After he’s now benefitting from the fraud of a contraption Baba that once never believe in One Nigeria is today the one that is fighting those opposed to a failed union whose political imbalance have only produced “poverty, sorrow and death for Nigerians” according to Lt.Gen.TY Danjuma.”

Caylakays said, “I pity Nigeria when he is finally elected… A southern presidential aspirant should make restructuring his priority if he really cares about this country.”

Meanwhile, a few others applauded Tinubu’s statement and appreciate his influence on the nation’s unity.

Coronavirus84 said, “Our Jagaban have talk. May you continue to be leading us in Lagos state and Nigeria as a whole. Kudos to our incoming president of Nigeria. Twalee Jagaban of the federation”

DenreleDave added that “Jagaban have spoken…., from Ibadan to Kano, Kano to Port Harcourt, Ph to Enugu and come back home finally to lasgidi..
Real conqueror.”

StagethemTVee  “While I am for a United Nigeria, the decision to stay united should be based on what is best for the various entities that are in the present Nigeria and not what the politicians and leaders want because of their pockets.”


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