Nigeria’s Economic Crisis : Atiku Speaks


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Atiku Abubakar, former vice president, has spoken up about the current economic hardship plaguing Nigeria.

Atiku said the current economic challenges facing the country and its youth will be surmounted.

In his note to Nigerian youth on the International Youth Day 2016, the former governor-elect of Adamawa state appreciated the resilience of the Nigerian youth and the need to build for the future.

“Two years ago, on the morning of July 19th, while reflecting on the challenges facing our country, especially our youth, I took to social media to share my thoughts at the time,” Atiku said.

“I still have the same convictions today, as I did that day, that our focus for the Nigerian youth must remain jobs, quality education and security. This is a priority.

“As the world comes together to celebrate the International Youth Day, as championed by the United Nations, I see this as an ample opportunity to rise above social ranks, tribe and creed, to harmonise and take decisive action for the betterment of young people everywhere.”

Speaking on the theme of the year’s celebrations, ‘Eradicating Poverty by 2030 through Sustainable Consumption and Production’, Atiku said everyone must learn to give the young ones a chance.

This year’s theme hinged on eradicating poverty by 2030 through sustainable consumption and production cannot come at a better time. In simple terms, this is giving young people a chance. A word of encouragement, or little motivation.

“This is investing a bit of our time to ensure they are equipped for a fast-paced changing world. It is patronizing that budding entrepreneur, employing that hardworking young person, or advancing critical skills to that intelligent fellow. Today, more than ever, our youths need tools to see and harness the opportunities that abound. This is a generation that cannot afford to wait.

“In the immortal words of Franklin Roosevelt, we cannot always build the future for our youths, but we can build our youth for the future. I believe job creation and education is a good place to start.

“Finally, I celebrate and congratulate Nigerian youths everywhere. Your ingenuity and resilience even in the face of numerous odds are quite remarkable. Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior or powerless. The economic challenges being faced will be surmounted. Your tomorrow begins now; for the sustainable future you want, is built on the bricks of today.”


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