Nigeria’s foundation deeply rooted in deception – By Doyin Okupe


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I have deliberately restrained myself from commenting on the issues of the criminality of the operations of some Fulani herdsmen in the South-West, Sunday Igboho,and the varied responses of Gov Makinde and Gov Akeredolu.

Amazingly a clear pattern of consistency exists in all discussions across the nation.

Most northerners do not speak against the Fulani herdsmen and the havoc some of them wreak within various communities across the nation.

Also, most southerners, Ibos, Yorubas and southern minorities are vehemently and vociferously against the Fulani herdsmen. Suprisingly but understandably, many notable southern politicians and leaders are muted on this matter.

Similar patterns are observed when you discuss restructuring and related matters.

So clearly, these issues are integral parts of the intractable problems of our troubled nation.

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For me therefore the real issue is in the fundamental defects in our union and the obvious lopsidedness in the actions and inactions of our governments and the misguided presumption that power can always hold people down or permanently subjugated.

Unequivocally speaking, Nigeria is a country that has its foundation deeply rooted in deception or lack of truth, injustice, inequity and iniquity.

With the above negative attributes and bedevilling strongholds, Nigeria as a nation will find it extremely difficult to excel or be exalted among the comity of nations.

Our unity will always be questionable because internal strife will not cease. Our prosperity, progress and development will always be severely encumbered.

Let us even examine ourselves and the document that binds us together as a people, the 1999 constitution. This is a wholesome fraud and its opening statement that “WE THE PEOPLE ” is a pernicious lie. No persons or group of person or nationalities agreed, anywhere and at any time, to adopt or work with that constitution as a binding article of faith. That is the very beginning of our problems and national maladies, and unless we solve this very basic problem, peace will continue to elude us as a people.

Please check history and the scriptures of all religion. Nothing can be built on nothingness.

“EX NIHIL, NIHILO NIL” meaning nothing comes out of nothing.

Spiritually, anything built on falsehood, no matter how long it lasts, must eventually crumble and fall.

The truth is that if we are all true free born citizens of this potentially great country, there must be an urgent forum for us to come together to agree on the very basis of our co-existence which undoubtedly is profitable and desirable if honestly, openly and equitably managed.

If we are equitable, just and fair, nobody needs to be forced to stay in the union. This is because no component part will do better on its own than being in the union.

If however because of temporary positional advantages and inordinate ambitions, we fail to heed these counsels, the SOVIET UNION and the CZECHO SLOVAKIAN historical experiences are routes nature, providence and internal dissensions may inevitably force on us as an unjust nation.

What is presently going on in Nigeria is NOT sustainable.

This is the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH.

Like the lawyers say: ” I requiem meam doleat”


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