“We have no future,” Adam Johnson’s wife exclaims at his Child sex trial


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The Sun UK has reported the split between disgraced footballer, Adam Johnson and the mother of his child, Stacey Founders over the footballer’s ongoing child sex trial.

Stacey, 28, who revealed to the court that Johnson admitted to kissing a 15 year-old girl back in September has confirmed she will be severing all ties with the footballer.

Following the testament, Adam lowered his head.  Defence attorney Orlando Pownall QC asked Stacey directly about a future with his client to which she replied”We are just going to remain friends.”

Stacey further revealed to the panel that the 15 year-old girl in question had been in contact with her via Twitter,  a week before Johnson was arrested. She added that the girl had shared a picture of herself with Adam Johnson to which  Stacey responded “Great Picture”.

Johnson sobbed on the witness stand as stated that he had thrown his glittering career away.

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