Nollywood’s Angela Okorie tells secret of how to keep your husband faithful


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Former Delta Soap model and Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie has shared one of the most sought after secrets by women from time immemorial.

How to keep a husband faithful. The married actress revealed that the secret is to give your husband “everything”. No! She is not one of those that believe all men are insatiable or all men are dogs and end up cheating sooner or later.

She told Entertainment Express, “In the first place, it will take a lot before my husband can go for another woman. That can only happen when I don’t satisfy him in everything, which I do. It is only when a woman does not satisfy her man in everything that he goes in search of other women.” (Erm..I don’t think I agree with this). She continues ” I’ve never caught my husband with another woman, so I don’t believe all men are polygamous in nature. I don’t think so. There are good men and I married one.”

So ladies, its not by the Brazilian hair, the bleaching cream or the trips to the herbalist or prayer warrior camp.

Just give him “everything”.

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