2023: North Has No Solution for Nigeria’s Security Challenges, only South Can fix Nigeria


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Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide laud the Courageous but fearless Speech of Emir Of Kano, Sanusi 111, delivered during the Birthday of Gov El Rufai “that North will destroy itself”.


Emir of Kano Sanusi 111, warned the North about the future, on the possibility of a future Constitutional Amendment that will truncate the current Quota system which placed unmerited advantages on the North ahead of South and Middle belt, and possibly the North will go into political extinction in a competitive atmosphere and level playing ground.


OYC understood the Emir’s warning to Northern politicians, whose agenda had subverted the implementation of 2014 Constitutional Conference report, and thrashed it into the dustbin of history,  for the structural imbalance and dominance Created by the Northern Military Head of States against the South and Middle belt to Continue perpetually in the obvious Northern Resistance to Restructuring.


With this Insight, OYC laud Emir Sanusi 111 for waking up the consciousness of Nigerians that the end of North incompetence in Power will Usher a new Nigeria of our dream through a Nigerian President of Igbo stock in 2023.

OYC observed that recent vituperative rhetorics of Ango Abdullahi led Northern Elders Forum and Arewa Youth President Yerima Shettima on admitting the failure of Northern political leaders to proffer solutions for Nigeria’s Insecurity challenges and alleviate poverty ravaging the Core North is a confirmation that Northern Politicians had exhausted ideas and lacked any political will or can proffer solutions towards Nigeria’s insecurity challenges which the south has the potentials to curb and obviously their acceptance in the Northern Politicians failure in Governance and indictment of incompetence, contradicts Northern Groups (Northern Elders Forum and Arewa Consultative Youth Forum)
Clamour for the North to continue perpetually in power beyond 2023 in the face of obvious leadership failures, as their indictment against Northern politicians in governance makes a mockery of their inordinate quest (For Northern Presidency 2023) is a Security threat to the unity of Nigeria as such clamour is capable of plunging Nigeria into political Crisis.
OYC queries why will North continue when they can’t defeat Boko Haram terrorists, fighting with sophisticated arms which the North created for political reasons, Nigerians don’t have the patience for Northern political experiment in power in 2023.
Nigerians yearn for a generational shift through Rotational Presidency from North to South. OYC through persuasive lobbying, Will ensure that APC and PDP will definitely zone their Presidential tickets to the South.
President Muhammadu Buhari as a person had good intentions for Nigeria but definitely the few Northern politicians had another inordinate agenda against the other parts of Nigeria, since 1960 of Nigeria’s Independence, both in Military and civilian Rule.

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North had ruled Nigeria for 44 years as at 2020, while the South had only governed for 16 years, and out of 16 years of Southern Nigeria in the saddle, South East had only 6 months in the 60 years of Nigeria’s Independence, it will be sheer wickedness and injustice for any political Zone to ascribe for 2023 presidency especially the North, as it’s the right thing for Arewa Consultative Youth Forum and Northern Elders Forum to support a Nigerian President of Igbo stock 2023 as it has the potentials to curb security challenges in the North and unlock Nigeria’s potentials through Igbo ingenuity and Enterprenual Vigour.

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