Not Everything Lai Mohammed Says Is A Lie – Shehu Sani

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The senator representing Kaduna Central senatorial district, Sen. Shehu Sani, has urged Nigerians to be more lenient with Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, saying that not everything the minister says is a lie.

The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) senator made this known in a tweet via his verified Twitter handle on Tuesday.

Sani said it was “unfair to stigmatise” Mohammed.

He said, “It’s unfair to stigmatise the information minister to the point that even his truth backed with facts are comically discredited. It’s not everything that is lies.”

See tweet:

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Many Nigerians, especially on social media, frequently attack Mohammed for “lying”.

But the minister in November 2017 said he was aware that many Nigerians thought of him as a liar.

However, he said he had never told a lie in his life.

Mohammed said, “I have two burdens. The first is that I happen to be the face of the opposition, and PDP has not forgiven me, and I do not think they will ever forgive me.

“I think they look at the magnitude of what has happened to them, and they hold me solely responsible; which is not fair.

“But, I did my bit. Now becoming the face of government again, it is automatic to them that whatever comes from Lai Mohammed, we must shoot it down as fake news and a lie.

“Incidentally, my father gave me the name Lai, also. So, it makes it very easy for them to make me a liar. But what I challenge them every time is, please, give me one thing I said that is not true. I have never told lies before.”



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