Nothing Wrong in Asking for Donations, God Deserves Money- Father Mbaka


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Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, who is the head of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, has hit out at his critics, stating that God indeed needs money.

This was in response to several criticisms he received following a viral video in which he seemed to be insisting that Vice Presidential candidate for PDP, Peter Obi, disclose the amount of money he would be donating to a church project.

Father Mbaka went on the defensive stating that there was nothing wrong in asking for donations for the church and that the bazaar was usually the only occasion in which the church asked for money

In a new video posted on YouTube, Father Mbaka could be heard saying:  “There are some people who are ingrates. These are people from the kingdom of succubus and Incubus. I want to tell you that all these things are caused by jealousy and envy. They are not fighting Mbaka for anything wrong.

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“Everyone who came was blessed but they turned it against me, saying I am after money. God deserves money. If you don’t want to bring your own in your stinginess, hold it. I will give God all that I have and even if anybody wants to join them, you’re free to join them.

“Where God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are, there Fr. Mbaka will be. I will build this place for the church. Whoever felt insulted, I apologise. But I didn’t come to your house. It was you who came for the bazaar.”

Father Mbaka also claimed that he was willing to refund any politician who had contributed money to the church

“As for me, I am in high spirits. I want to assure you, those who are thinking that it is their money we will use to build this ministry, before the end of tomorrow, I will send all their monies into their accounts.”

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