Nutritional Health Benefits of Adding Sweet Potatoes To Your Diet


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Sweet potatoes are known for their exclusive deliciousness, what’s more? they come with a total package.

They are of vast varieties, usually having different colors and sizes. Each variety is packed with useful minerals, vitamins, plant compounds, and powerful antioxidants that can actively keep the human body functioning in optimal condition.

Here are a few of the nutritional health benefits associated with the regular consumption of sweet potatoes.

  • Incredible nutritional profile

Sweet potatoes contain concentrated amounts of nutrients that help destroy free radicals in the body and lower your risk of developing various life-threatening diseases. They boast an array of vitamins, protein, fiber, and antioxidants. They also contain huge amounts of minerals like manganese, potassium, and copper.

  • Great for eye health

Vitamin A deficiency in the body has been associated with an increased risk of chronic eye diseases like xerophthalmia. Sweet potatoes contain sufficient amounts of beta-carotene, which in turn assists in preventing loss of vision and promoting eye health upon conversion to vitamin A.

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  • Promotes immune system function

Our gut goes a long way in determining the functionality of our immune systems – the gut is one part of the human body that has close contact with several harmful pathogens which may weaken immune system function. Vitamin A improves gut health by reducing inflammation, assisting in the active spotting of potential threats, and promoting healthy mucous membranes in the gut lining. Sweet potatoes supply us with sufficient amounts of vitamin A through beta-carotene conversion.

  • May assist in fighting off cancer cells

They contain a powerful group of antioxidants called anthocyanins that actively inhibit the development of certain types of cancer cells in the body. They are particularly effective for breast cancers, colon cancer, and cancer of the stomach, etc.

  • Improves cognitive performance

Sweet potatoes contain compounds that have brain-boosting properties. These compounds, especially antioxidants, may help to improve brain health by lowering inflammation and destroying free radicals in the body. They may also assist in boosting brain function/ ability and reducing the risk of mental decline in aging individuals.

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