‘Nyako needs to be very careful with his words’ – Northern Governors


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The Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum, Governor Babangida Aliyu (Niger) has said he and his colleagues had admonished themselves to be”very careful” over their utterances which are capable of heating up the polity and granting ideological success to Boko Haram.

Aliyu spoke after the Governors held a joint strategy meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan, security chiefs and religious leaders at Aso Rock yesterday.

Aliyu  said, “I am sure many of you will be curious about a letter written by our colleague, the governor of Adamawa State. We looked at it all, in fact he was allowed to read the memo to all of us. We concluded that for many of us, we need to be very careful about the kind of statements we make.

“We need to be very careful that whatever we say, are either evidenced-based or something that can be authenticated, otherwise there is no need to be giving terrorists the opportunity of thinking that they are succeeding.

“Because a terrorist, all he wants is for him to find out that what he does is really carried out in such a way that people will have the impression that he had made an impact.”

Aliyu also stated that religious leaders would be consulted in order to ensure divisive messages are not spread to the populace.

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