OAP Freeze Accuses US Of Racism

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On Air Personality, Freeze has accused the United States of racism based on the release of its official 2016 US Basketball team.

The vocal OAP took to his Instagram page to fight for the white folks seeing as the official team released was an all black team.

US Olympic baskt ball team 2016

He wrote:

This is absolute racism!!!!! Not a single white man in the 2016 US basket ball team? If reverse were the case and it was an all white team, we all know what to expect!
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. We pull the racist card all the time, often for no good reason, how come the whites aren’t complaining and shouting racism?
Remember, for a similar reason, Will Smith, his wife Jada along with so many black people boycotted the Oscars this year.

#LetsBeFair #SMH #Racism #ATasteOfOurOwnMedicine

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