Obasanjo/Adebutu Divorce Goes Ultra Messy: Cocaine Abuse, Shocking Scandalous Accusations emerge


Wife of former president, Olusegun Obasanjo has opened a can of worms regarding her family and most especially her daughter in-law; revealing to the world that all is not well in paradise….


Granting an exclusive interview in which she accused the former president of having affairs with his daughters – in – law. According to her, “Chief Obasanjo sleeps with wives of his sons and has no control over his penis even at over 80”


Speaking on, she accused her daughter in law, Tope Adebutu of being abusive an abusive wife as well as a gold digger. According to her, Tope gave all the money received as wedding gifts to her mother and she used her husband’s money to buy an apartment for her mother in Park View Estate, Ikoyi Lagos.


She further made a list of monies and allowances Tope receives from her son asides from the money received during their wedding including;
1.5million again on 21st of August 2017 with a cheque she cashed on the 24th of August; Six million naira (6m) for honey moon; five thousand dollars ($5,000) for her birthday; N100,000 for monthly allowance; and N50,000 weekly for fast food

She further accused her daughter in law of demanding for N300,000 monthly allowance; labeling her son a poor man and ordering him around like a slave.


Moving further she said her son suffered from abusive statements by his wife towards him and the Obasanjo family in general. Statements like, “My family only bought you for me; Obasanjo family only has name, no money; I am a rich woman and the best woman in the world for you; you cannot get another rich wife like me; You cannot
run away from me or marry another wife; I will kill you and damage your life;
I will make sure my father and your Dad destroy you and you die.”


She said her daughter in law made false accusation of cocaine use on her son because anytime she called him for sex, he would lock himself up in the room for fear of being killed by his own wife.

She alleged massive domestic abuse and violence being perpetrated by “Tope” recalling an incident when she was on the phone with her Brother “Chief Kenny Martins”.  He could hear all the abuses and beatings on the phone she said. She alleged that her brother was already tired of settling violent fights between the couple.


According to her, the lady in question prohibited her son from visiting Gbenga Obasanjo.  She said  “ Tope said my son should not be visiting him that they are not of the same mother, that he is a drunkard, a smoker and a drug addict, that her Dad is just wasting and concentrating all his money on him, that Hon. Ladi Adebutu is brainless,that she is more qualified to be a Governor than her brother Ladi, that her dad is using much of his money to buy position and fame for Ladi Adebutu and Segun Adebutu, whereas she is very intelligent and a beautiful lady; that Segun
Adebutu is sleeping with her father’s wife


She alleged that Tope had been spreading stpries about her own father and former president Obasanjo…

Tope Adebutu said her Dad does not take care of her mum or spend any money on her mum that she is the one using her money to look after her mother. That her father is a bad man, only spend money on outsiders and his sources of money is evil money, she said her mother will deal with her Dad’s youngest wife and the two lovely, adorable Twin boys of her Dad, that her dad cannot make love to a woman again yet he is going about with a young wife, the age of his daughter and the same Tope is secretly seeing her 80+ years old father in law Chief Olusegun Obasanjo”


She went on further, “ Tope Adebutu said Chief Obasanjo is just a big man with name only, no money, that he doesn’t help his children, that she does not know what he does with all the money collected from her family, that she bought the Agbada dress Chief Obasanjo wore on her wedding for him, that her Dad is the one now sustaining Obasanjo’s family with his money, that Chief Obasanjo’s two unmarried daughter’s goes to do prostitution in the house of Segun Adebutu and bring back money for Chief Olusegun Obasanjo”.

” All Chief Obasanjo’s businesses are down, that Segun Adebutu sponsored Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s birthday with N100m which he sent through his unmarried daughter who went to do prostitution there with her brother, that Chief Obasanjo collect money from Hon. Ladi Adebutu and Segun Adebutu regularly 150m, 100m, 50m, 80m, 25m, that her father donated huge money into the presidential library of Chief Obasanjo to the tune of 10 billion naira.”

That with all the money collected from her family by all the Obasanjo’s family, my son cannot run away or divorce her that he must stay in the marriage and continue to Bleep her. That even the wife of Chief Obasanjo living with him also collect money from her Dad regularly, that it is her Dad’s money that is sustaining the Obasanjo’s family”

Mrs Obasanjo further alleged that former President Obasanjo… “is a shameless, evil, wicked, psychopathic, sadistic man who destroy lives, cheapens his family, strip his family of dignity and self respect, has no pride, he is a materialistic and mercenary father who sleeps with wives of his sons and has no control over his joystick even at over 80. He would sleep with a woman and pass them on to his son for them to marry at all cost and if they now refuse or choose to opt out of the marriage, he would start fighting them dirty, do all to destroy them”.


Mrs Obasanjo said Tope Adebutu, Rosemary Dacosta who is Tope Adebutu’s mum and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo have connived to destroy her son, Olujonwo Obasanjo if he tries to seek a divorce from his abusive marriage.

She says…” My son is hiding from Tope Adebutu; he received death threat every time on account of this marriage, I also receive death threat from them and they said that I am also a cocaine addict because I talk to the press. Three months ago they called me that if I don’t stop talking to the press they will go on Social media and tell the whole world the damaging lies that my son is a cocaine addict. Sometimes Tope will  break down and start crying and beg my son”

She went further, “My son is not a cocaine addict neither was he ever in any rehabilitation centre. My son was working and living in his father’s palatial hilltop residence before he ran out. The king of Owu Town in Abeokuta, all the SSS, Protocols, Steward, Cook, Security men of his dad, all family members, his driver, office workers know the character and the behaviour of my son, he was never a drug addict. A cocaine addict cannot be hidden, everyone will know because they need money and they cannot do without cocaine”

She accused Tope Adebutu and Rosemary Dacosta of false accusations regarding a certain four million (4M) she was supposed to have collected from Chief Kessignton Adebutu.

Tope  Adebutu and Rosemary Dacosta said I collected four million (4m) naira from Chief Adebutu and ran away, he is alive, he can confirm that I never took 4m or 1m from him. On the two occasions I visited Chief Adebutu I went with my family members to seek for means of reconciling Tope and my son. On One occasion I visited Tope in her mother’s home, her mother treated me with contempt”.

she alleged that the trio of Tope Adebutu, Rosemary Dacosta and Chief Obasanjo were taking advantage of her son’s peaceful nature to hound him into submission to his wife and use him as a sacrifice to further his wife’s ambitions to become the Chief Judge of Ogun State.

“My son by nature is quiet, peaceful, respectful, kind and gives enormous respect, honour and affection to his dad chief olusegun obasanjo and it is his peaceful nature they are exploiting on him

“When I heard the enormous ill-treatment, threat, attack and battle on the life of my son from all fronts when he decided he was no more interested in his marriage to Tope, I cried every time with pain and was sick for a whole month and lost so much weight because I have never seen why so much deadly attack was launched on the life of my son simply because he said he wants divorce and all these battle and attack were orchestrated behind the scene by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and carried out by Tope Adebutu

she said contrary to popular belief that she was driven away from her marital home by chief Obasanjo, she chose to run away from him because she could nt cope with living with the man who has been termed “Ebora of Owu”

Chief Obasanjo didn’t drive me from his house and life, I voluntarily chose to run away from him and stay all by myself like my son is now running away from Tope Adebutu on account of the horror and torment he receives from her, my son’s marital life was a life of terror, pain, regret and constant sorrow something he had not experienced or bargained for”.

“After the death of Stella, Chief Obasanjo wanted me back again. And it was one day 1:00am midnight, I ran out of his Hilltop residence in Abeokuta because of the bitter quarrel we had which l will not disclose to the public, my departure that night was witnessed by everybody at the Hiltop and I ran back to Lagos and never went back again, it was after that Chief Obasanjo went to bring in his current wife. People said l was a mental woman because l left a famous, rich, influential man and am l not afraid he will cut me off from his inheritance?”

“This Tope and her mother hates me, hate my son, hates Obasanjo’s family, and she and her mother also hates the Adebutu’s family”, she alleges.

“But I believe too much in Jehovah the Almighty God; He would fight for us and prevail for my son and myself and truth will prevail in Jesus mighty name Amen. We did not mean any harm for this girl Tope Adebutu in marrying her“.

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