“Oga Bello’’ tasks Yoruba Movie Association on regular seminars


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Yoruba Video Film Producers/Marketers Association of Nigeria (YOVIFPMAN) should always organise seminars and programmes on national and international issues to further empower and hone their members skills.

A veteran actor, Adebayo Salami, popularly called as “Oga Bello’’, said this on Thursday.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that knowledge garnered from such programmes would expand their horizons on the movies to produce that would impact positively on the society.

According to him, this will help create avenue for actors to network, learn how to hone their skills, as well as combat piracy in the country.

Salami said that piracy had become a major problem to the growth of the movie industry, hence, the need for regular seminars to enlighten the public to stay away from pirated works.

“We should continue to organise seminars and lecture for our members on how we can remain relevant in the society.

“Yoruba movies pioneered the entertainment industry, especially, in filmmaking,’’ he said.

The actor said that such seminars would serve as means of mentoring emerging actors.

Salami said that young actors and actresses needed to be properly guided by the experienced hands so as to improve the Yoruba movie industry.

“Through seminars can exchange ideas among themselves on how to improve their preparation for roles and audition; thereby enhancing their performing, directing and production abilities,” he said.

The actor said that it was important to protect the integrity of the association because Yoruba movies, which depict the cultural heritage, had a wide reach and audience.

According to him, this necessitates the need for the members to fight piracy.

“Yoruba movies are a force to reckon with because they serve as store houses for the preservation of our culture and core values as a people.

“Many Nigerians in the Diaspora use Yoruba films to teach their children what they need to know about their fatherland.

“Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that piracy is reduced to its barest minimum to preserve the Yoruba culture,’’ he said.

Salami said that the quality and contents of Yoruba movies had improved tremendously due to technological development.

The actor, however, said that local movies had better representation of showcasing deep core values of the people because it promoted indigenous languages.

“The industry has continued to thrive in spite of challenges.

“It has made significant contributions to the growth of Nollywood, hence, making it a big employer of labour,’’ Salami said. (NAN)

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