Ohakim is a “scammer” – Former Governor’s Disgruntled Mistress fumes


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It appears another scandal is brewing in high places as Ikedi Ohakim, Imo state Governor between 2007 – 2011 has been involved in a dirty fight with his mistress, Ms. Chinyere Amuchienwa.

Ms. Amuchienwa who admitted to an affair with the former Governor accused him of swindling her after he allegedly bought luxury goods from her without making payment.

The former Imo state Governor is married to Chioma Ohakim, well respected Lawyer for 39 years and the union is blessed with five children and grandchildren.

However, Ikedi Ohakim has dragged his mistress Ms. Amuchienwa to court over charges bordering on physical assault.

According to him, the defendant lured him to invite her to his hotel room in Asokoro.  Getting there, Ohakim claimed Ms. Amuchienwa  pounced on him and unsuccessfully tried to take his phone applying violent force.

He said he was lucky to escape from the assault by a hair’s breadth as Ms. Amuchienwa reached for her purse to bring out an item he suspected to be a gun.

In the petition addressed to Mohammed Adamu, Inspector General of Police, the former Governor said, “On Saturday, January 18, 2020, Miss Chinyere physically assaulted me. She deceived me and lured me with a meeting request. I subsequently invited her to my hotel room at BON Hotel, Asokoro and she arrived at about 20:15 p.m.

“Directly I opened the door quite innocently, pandemonium took over, she bounced on me grabbing me by my shirt with all her strength and gave me a violent push.

“As I staggered to recover, she rushed for my phone on the table and a struggle ensured (sic). Directly I retrieved the phones from her she immediately rushed to grab something from her bag which I strongly suspected to be a gun.”

However, reacting to the claims, Ms. Chinyere Amuchienwa, a successful business owner alleged Ikedi Ohakim was yet to return the money he borrowed from her.

Also, she said the former Governor has a high taste for luxury items he couldn’t afford alleging he was yet to make payment for the goods he bought form her.

She made this known in a chat with Premium Times.

According to her, Ohakim took a designer suitcase, bags and shoes from her and all efforts to retrieve the money owed proved abortive.

Meanwhile, Imo state former Leader disclosed his mistress had given him some luxury items as gifts in the petition addressed to IGP Adamu.

“Two or three times she travelled out, she bought some gift items for me purely unsolicited and in reciprocal to mine. Items such as coffee, perfume, bag and shirt,”

His mistress refuted the claims that the items were gifts as she insisted he bought them from her in credit.

She said she became convinced Ohakim was a scammer after he allegedly sent her voicenote revealing he took her money, $200,000.

“I kept asking (Ohakim) every day, ‘What do you do for a living?’ The day I knew he was a scammer was the day he made a voice note and mentioned that he took my $200,000.”

Although the voice note was sent to Premium Times, the news media is yet to ascertain if the voice truly belongs to the former Imo state Governor.

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