Olabimtan’s Quest for Ondo’s Freedom


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Contemporarily, when a nation is failing, her leaders are questioned. Thus, a good leadership is the first expected panacea needed to savage a failing state. When a nation is outurned of good leadership, poverty and endemic underdevelopment would reign supreme. And In contrast, when a nation is headed by a purposeful leader, certainly, there will be a fierce battle and competition for development.

Today, despite the gargantuan creative and innovative breakthrough of Nigerians, the present political parlance of the nation of Nigeria is without doubt under the grip of intellectual Lilliputians without a career base. The system has promoted politicians without a career resume above men and women of substance who strived for knowledge before reaching the pinnacle of their chosen careers.

Unfortunately, despite rated as the state with the second highest number of successful professionals in Nigeria, Ondo State is presently being piloted by a character that didn’t acquire much managerial acumen in his chose profession before venturing into politics.

Mimiko joined politics immediately he graduated from University and I must say that luck has never left him till now. He rose from being a political hallelujah boy to become a Chief Cornerstone. What a divine Favour! Unfortunately, Mimiko’s personal goodluck has not reflected on the lives of Ondo people. And from all indications, the way Mimiko has been governing Ondo State in the last six years shows how bereft he is in ideas and in Leadership Experience.

I averred thus because today, all the factories Mimiko inherited from his predecessor are in moribund. Okitipupa Oil Palm mill is gone. Ifon Ceramics is gone. Boloruduro Timbres is gone. Arigidi Tomato Paste factory is gone. Okeluse Cement is gone. Oluwa glasses, Igbokoda is gone. The much celebrated Gani Faweyinmi Diagnostics Centre, Ondo which Mimiko claimed he built has been confirmed to be a fraud. Eight years after its establishment, the Ondo State University of Technology, Okitipupa has not produced a graduate. The construction of a dual carriage road Mimiko started in his Ondo Ekimmogun Country Home since 2009 has not been completed. Akure Township Stadium is now a mirage. The N2.1bn Akure Dome Project is begging for an attention,

Indeed, Ondo State is in dire need of freedom from the den of Mimiko. In reality, a leader of note, thought and Candor, rooted and grounded politically and professionally, integrity personified and fearless, contented and God fearing is needed at this moment to savage Ondo people from the political tangle of Mimiko.

Consequently, I have looked inward and perused into the idiosyncrasies of all the aspirants currently interested in Mimiko’s seat and found only one person suitable for the job and his name is Victor Adekanye Olabimtan, a Supare-Akoko born Alumnus of the prestigious University of Lagos who embraced teaching as a profession after graduating from University and rose to the position of Principal before he voluntarily retired in 2002 to contest for the position of Ondo State House of Assembly representing Akoko South West Constituency 1. He was subsequently elected by his colleagues as the Speaker and served for four years.

Shortly after leaving office in 2007, he was appointed the Chairman of the Ondo State Teaching Service Commission. Without being sensational, let me say that Teachers in Ondo State never lacked promotion during his reign. Olabimtan was meticulous, hardworking and dedicated to his duty. Olabimtan’s meritorious service in the teaching service commision earned him the nomination of his people on September 2009 to represent Edo, Ekiti and Ondo States as a Commissioner in the Federal Civil Service Commission a position which he held till April this year.

In light of the foregoing, I am of the opinion that a character like Olabimtan need to be promoted to a higher position. Olabimtan is a political gladiator, dedicated community leader, kind-hearted philanthropist, compassionate humanitarian, astute politician and role model to this generation who has impacted positively on many lives in Ondo State and Nigeria in at large. He has never been found wanting of any sleaze. The irony of Olabimtan’s journey to stardom is that he always get his public positions on merits.

Rt. Hon. Victor Adekanye Olabimtan has consistently used his privileged positions for the comfort and well-being of the less privileged. He has continually shown unparalleled kindness to people around him and humanity in general. Those who have been gainfully employed by his rare commitment to human development and benevolence are countless across the 18 local governments of Ondo State. The youths called him “Baba Empowerment” because of the countless number of people he empowered at various time through his privileged positions.

I endorse this worthy ambassador of ondo State for alagbaka seat because he represents the younger generation. His meritorious feats as a Teacher and school principal earned him Ondo Assembly seat and subsequently, the speakership seat in 2003, Chairman of teaching service commision in 2007 and a federal commissioner in 2009.

It is on this note that I state unequivocally that Ondo people must not repeat the mistake of 2007 again. What we need now is freedom and my opinion is that Olabimtan is capable of leading the battle for the freedom of Ondo people.

Ogidan Ilemobayo, Akure, Ondo State.

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