Olamide Needs To Grow Up – Ex-YBNL Artiste

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A former artiste with the YBNL music group, Xino, has revealed that his former boss, Olamide needs to grow up in some areas of his music and business.

The former YBNL artiste took a swipe at his former boss during a recent interview wherein he stated that Olamide is immature and inexperienced in terms of management and handling of his record label.

Speaking during an exclusive chat wot Showtime, Xino stated that his former boss needs to get his business game up from mediocrity.

Speaking on his decision to quit the record label, the artiste stated that he left YBNL because it lacked the proper managerial abilities and experience.

He added: “YBNL management and other labels in Nigeria need to adopt an entrepreneurial system that focuses on artiste development because there is zero fan base in Nigeria.

“Once any new sensation comes out we all switch to that one. Olamide and other CEOs need to grow up business-wise.

“Beyonce’s husband, Jayz, is an undisputed boss because he understands this concept and creates acts that last to create others too.”

He however used the interview as a medium to correct the impression that his music career is dying, a move which has been speculated to have been propelled by his decision to quit YBNL.

The fearless singer later corrected the impression that his music career is dying because he left the Olamide’s record label, YBNL.

He said: “I’m engaging in other money-making options, music is just an option and one that I love very much; I never asked to be signed on to YBNL, so I’m not bothered as much. But for the sake of those who dig my songs I’m coming with something soon, something cooking with Kiddominant is dropping soon.”

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  1. Mr xino since u know that ur forma boss lack managerial skills why don’t u suggest to him when u were with him it was after u left d group that u are coming with such excuses.olamide is a popular musician in Nigeria and els where stop all these excuses of urs.

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