Oliseh Abandons NFF Lawsuit


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It seems Former player and coach of the Super Eagles Sunday Oliseh has abandoned his suit against the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

The former coach in a YouTube video posted yesterday, explained that he opted to withdraw his suit against the NFF after being prevailed upon by some Nigerians he has a lot of respect for.

“I have instructed my lawyers to withdraw the lawsuit against the NFF,” Oliseh stated in the video.

He continued: “After speaking with well-meaning Nigerians, who I respect a lot, I also believe it is useless joining issues with people who are bent on deceiving Nigerians and misleading Nigerians and diverting attention from the reality.

“Certain vested interest​s​ in the NFF put their own interests first before that of Nigeria. My position of putting Nigeria first was a hindrance to certain vested interests in the NFF.

“If you put Nigeria first, you will always have problems with the NFF.

“This also explains why the benefits of players and wages and coaches are always placed secondary, while other things like team building trips (for FA chairmen) will always be catered to first.”

Oliseh alleged that he got no co-operation from the technical committee who preferred to impose players on him than actually giving him any technical assistance.

“I asked the technical committee for information to help us against Egypt since July 2015, but I got no such information,” he said.​

“Instead what they found more important to them was who will play for Nigeria, who is invited, who will play and I refused because they are not coaches.”

Oliseh also shed more light on issues that led to his eventual resignation.

Oliseh also decried the treatment of the CHAN Eagles which he found deplorable to the extent he found himself buying food for team in South Africa out of pocket.


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