COVID-19: Ex-Presidential aide Olusegun Adeniyi, 8 family members test negative


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Olusegun Adeniyi, who is a former spokesman to late President Umaru Yar’Adua, says he has tested negative for COVID-19, two weeks after announcing he tested positive alongside eight other family members.

He made the disclosure on Twitter early Friday night.

Adeniyi wrote, “CORONA FREE! Exactly 15 days ago today, 9 members of my household tested positive for COVID-19.

“We quarantined and commenced treatment same day. 2 days ago we tested again. Results just came in Negative.

“I am grateful for the prayers & kind messages. God will protect us all!”

See tweet:

Olusegun Adeniyi, who is the Chairman of the THISDAY Newspaper, had recounted his experience with COVID-19 and armed robbery in a column on the newspaper on Christmas Eve, December 24.

“An emergency family meeting was called to apprise all eight people in the house of our health circumstance and the precautions we had to take. The moment I announced a two-week quarantine and treatment, the house keeper who had been looking forward to travelling home to Akwa Ibom State at Christmas to bury his father muttered something which I didn’t hear. But my son, Oluwakorede, apparently heard him. “Can’t you hear what daddy said? We all have Covid and you say you want to go to your village to bury your father. You want your family to bury more people?”

“While my 17-year old son has always been known for his mischievous sense of humour, I was also certain he had been conditioned for this sad news by the traumatic experience of the previous 48 hours when an armed robber terrorised everyone in the house between 2.30am and 4am. The robber had pointed a gun at his head and asked for his PlayStation and games. So, he must have reckoned that if we could survive the terror of a gunman who ransacked the entire house and went away with valuables (including forcing my wife’s wedding band off her finger), we were more than prepared to deal with whatever COVID might throw our way.

“I will save the gory details of how the twin-evil we confront in Nigeria today (insecurity and the pandemic) came right to my doorstep. The lesson of course is that one can never be too careful these days. While we are still not out of the woods with Covid, there are enough signs to show that the worst is already behind us,” Olusegun Adeniyi wrote in the column titled “Gunman, Covid-19 and My Family”.

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