Oluwo reveals reason for beating Monarch at Peace meeting

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Oluwo of Iwo land, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi who beat up fellow monarch Dhikrulahi Akinropo, Agbowu of Ogbagba, has revealed the reason for his action.

The two monarchs alongside other traditional rulers met with during a peace meeting organised by the Assistant Inspector General of Police to settle a long-standing land dispute.

However, no sooner had the meeting started when Oba Akanbi and Agbowu engaged in a brawl that left the latter in a hospital where he received treatment from the injuries sustained

Oluwo has released a statement explaining his actions. He disclosed that he reacted angrily after Agbowu’s futile attempt to hit with his traditional staff.

“At the peace meeting held at AIG office, Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa interrupted me while I was making my speech; he started calling me unprintable names, pointing his staff of office at me while attempting to stick the staff in my eyes; I heavily rejected it with a force which the Agbowu could not withstand,” he said.

“How could a constable openly insult commissioner of police and make an attempt to beat the CP? Can any monarch try such with Ooni, Alaafin?

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“He went far as attempting to turn Oluwo to a blind man by pointing his staff of office to my eyes. All affected monarchs in my kingdom should note no one will feed on his subjects land and go away with it.”



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