Only 36% of Nigerians Experience Improvement in Electricity – NOI Polls


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Recent Poll results have revealed that only 36.4 per cent of the country’s 160 million people have seen some improvements in electricity supply in the last 30 months.

According to NOIPolls Limited, an independent polling agency, only an average of 36.4 per cent of Nigerian households attested to seeing improvement in power supply over a 30- month period.

The poll result, which was signed by the chief operating officer of NOIPolls, Dr. Bell Ihua, stated that More findings revealed that the power sector has been characterised by an erratic supply of power as there has been no clear consistency in the state of power over this period, with months of slight improvements as well as most often, months with no visible improvement.

“For instance there has been a consistent decline in the proportion of Nigerians who saw improvement from January 2015 (32 per cent) to May 2015 (17 per cent); however an upward movement was recorded in June 2015, as 44 per cent of Nigerians attested to seeing improvement in power supply; thus representing a significant increase of 27-points from May to June 2015.”

“Moreover, nationwide quarterly averages revealed that Q2 2015 recorded the worst power rating, while Q3 of 2014 recorded the best power rating so far at 45 per cent.

“The South-West zone recorded the lowest overall average power improvement rating at 32 per cent over the period in view, thus indicating that this zone is the worst hit zone in terms of poor power supply.

“On the other hand, the South-East zone seemed to have enjoyed relatively the best power supply with an overall average of 41 per cent.”

NOI advised that developing long term strategies that will transform the entire power sector still remains is the best approach to plugging identified gaps in the power sector.

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