Only one party, the APC did not say South can not win elections -Chimaroke Nnamani


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Chimaroke Nnamani, a seating senator of the People’s Democratic Party for Enugu state, put out the following statement on Twitter regarding his support of the APC for the 2023 presidential elections.

Only one party, the APC did not say South can not win elections. These excuses are for life. Because demographics will not really change. It was artificially manufactured post-1966. Next round they will say winning is the key. The Party that did prioritize winning over Justice.

PDP needs careful review methinks. We need deep thinking, introspection and reflection. A considerate and deliberate movement that is Westward. Their education& enlightenment is liberalizing &liberating. A highly educated community could be fertile for continued educated dialogue.

Christopher Alexander Sapara Williams CMG (14/7/1855 – 15/3/1915) was the first Nigerian lawyer, called to the English bar (17/11/79)James Pinson Labulo Davies was a Nigerian businessman,merchant-sailor, naval officer, industrialist, and philanthropist (14/8/1828 to 29/4/06)

Give me a highly literate and reading community, liberal in thoughts and non-dogmatic. Bring your power of persuasion and intellect. Bring the Trinity of Igbo character, Igbambo(hustle) Njepu(travel) and Ako na Uche(cot of reason) Do not diss them. Be humble and sell your argument.

Be persistent, humble, non-threatening, and pray. We missed it. Okpara and our Forebears saw it. The NCNC/ NPC alliance was a colossal failure for South East. Ditto NPN/NPP.History repeats.PDP/South East Big-time heart brake and contemptuous disregard. Total second-class treatment.

AG/NCNC alliance 1956/57? Was aborted.Could have provided Chief executive to either party.The AG/ NCNC alliance in United Progressive Grand Alliance, Awolowo &Okpara mired in Pre 66 Coup imbroglio.The UPN/NPP alliance could have done the same. The threat of Ekwueme Presidency writers claim added Filip to the collapse of the 3rd republic. As Igbo, we are already in a PDP plane on air.Sealed& flying. We got to land it safely. But restrategize we must. You need reassessment doing business with a man that has no respect for you or no value for your dignity.

Shameful to me. Octogenarians treated like boys! For the PDP, the Chairman of Board of Trustees was a BONE thrown to my people! Compensation for the Presidency of My Country. They say I am a traitor. The Igbo children of Hateful Conception & Vile. Traitors don’t cry for causes they succeeded in betraying. I know my children can not aspire to certain offices in a country I call my own. Their fathers are comfortable standing for hours to pour adulations on their fellow citizens, albeit first class, while ignoring their Second Class Status. These children don’t know that I don’t have to do this. I have an alternative profession. We need a restart. Based on a paradigm shift.Careful but calculated risk. The Igbo has to retrace the steps of Okpara and Awolowo, The United Progressive Grand Alliance. Imagine the boost of an Afenifere endorsement of an Igbo product of a true National alliance not a product of Hasty 3-day demagoguery. Conversion without Baptism. A well-educated researched Nigerian Patriot.A marathon politician with solid home base support of colleagues and network of multi located long term Nigerian politicos, not children upset about ASUU enforced ‘Stay at home’ Rightfully so though. Tinubu paid his dues over decades, performed creditably in governance& politics. With an A-Game, they could not wrestle it from him. He got worried, sounded the alarm for his troops, Shettima And Others rallied. Decades of hard work, patience, resilience, and tenacity paid off. The rest is history. When you shift power to Yoruba, you don’t go to Kwara or Kogi, you go to Southwest. But the weakness of Igbo is patently obvious such that they throw any bones to us and we bite. We must always be expected to show gratitude for any pittance. After all we were spared with “no victor , no vanquished” We should be happy and don’t worry. We can always resort to spare parts and hugging containers. God will save us from scammers who have washed the heads of our youths. Aku nesi Obi Ike they thunder. That is Wealth strengthens the mind. Any Igbo dullard thinks he can engage in Strategic discuss of the Fate of a people. Intellect is derided. Elevated discuss denigrated. Opposing views are ignominiously dismissed.

Cursing, branding, and stereotyping by “elderly” men and women who believe being jobless is synonymous with youth cadre. The leaders of this “parade” are actually fanning the embers of this dialogical bullying, religious divisive preachments, and ethnic jingoism. But who are these leaders? They are marginally successful though with fat bank accounts, sparsely educated, half effort at university schooling while running trades, barely elementary vocabulary and engagement. Messianic and self adulating. Self-promoting and shameless. Mixing Traders practices of Bookkeeping of Income/Expenditure with Economics/Econometrics. Shrill-voiced and lamb-like political evangelists. Fake data confabulators. Pastor like mien, unlike Achebe’s Okonkwo, however, destined for the same comedic tragedy, albeit in the books of history. Each reset after the effects of the Fire Hose & knee-jerk politics comes the animus from other tribes. Takes time and is essentially a rebuild. We need a total renewal after this exercise in anger and frustration. This time around those who know should shine the light& show us the way

Not all comers game. People well researched and with great sense and understanding of History. The best brains. This challenged mediocre will always be dismissive of their superiors who they believe usurped their dreams. Their angst and beef.

That Handshake across the Niger and a resultant Southern Coalition will build a Great Nigerian Partnership with our Northern brothers and sisters cutting across tribes, religions, and all differences. A land where truly all Tongues may differ but the voices will coalesce and resonate in a crescendo of synergy, amity, and good conscience. The answer to the Igbo power conundrum maybe.

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