OnlyFans creator with 2 vag*nas says she uses one for work, other for personal use


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It is not every day that one comes across a woman with two vaginas, a condition called Uterine Didelphys.

But a certain OnlyFans creator, who owns the account @evelynuncovered has come out to admit that she does, and she gave a vivid description of how they both work.

In a Reddit post shared in March 2021, the creator, who said she is currently in Australia, said that she was an escort for eight years and quit two years ago.

During her time as what she called a “high class independent escort”, she said she used one of the vaginas “for work” and kept the other for “personal use”.

She said that her fiance knew about her escort job and was fine with it, and she could therefore not be accused of cheating.

“I am currently 6 months pregnant in my right vagina side (right uterus) mods have verified my condition with my medical records and ID. You can also see it in a video on my only fans if you really wish.

“I have one labia (one entry) and then it immediately splits into two a right side and left side. Please see the diagram i drew below! If I open my legs and labia, there is a hole to left and a wall and then a hole to the right (a right and left vagina which go into their own seperate system),” she wrote in the 2021 post.

The creator also shared an image of her reproductive system showing two vaginas.

See image:




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