Opinion: How Many Times Did the Ikemba Disappoint Bianca?


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Everybody expected Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu’s will to be combustible as a fitting finale to the very combustible life that the Biafran warlord led before he bowed out last year. When the will was finally read in court last week on the first anniversary of his death, it fulfilled expectations.

The late Ikemba of Nnewi disinherited his first son, Sylvester who was not even mentioned in the will. His next son, Emeka Jnr., got the family house at Nnewi, while his seven recognised siblings got some rural properties. Ojukwu then revealed what even his closest associates apparently did not know, that he had a love child, Tenny Haman, to whom he bequeathed Zaria’s Jubilee Hotel.

The chief beneficiary of the will turned out to be Ojukwu’s beloved wife Bianca, who defied her own father to marry him three decades ago. Bianca, who is now Nigeria’s Ambassador to Spain, got the Casabianca Lodge at No. 7, Forest Crescent, GRA, Enugu; two properties at Jabi and Kuje in the FCT as well as all of Ojukwu’s money and personal effects. He also said Bianca should replace him as the trustee in the family company, Ojukwu Transport Ltd, and she got two more plots of land at Nnewi. There was a big catch, however; if Bianca ever remarried, Ojukwu willed, the land should be taken away from her.

To me, none of that surpasses in explosive news value the statement made by Mrs Bianca Ojukwu soon after she emerged from the court. Accosted by reporters and asked to comment on the will’s contents, the former beauty queen said, “It was a fair will. This time round, he did not disappoint us.”

Talk about anti-diplomatic talk! Okay, Madam Ambassador, since you said your late husband did not disappoint you “this time around,” it means that he disappointed you many other times around. Would you kindly mention a few instances?


Culled from Daily Trust

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