Opinion: Why Do Women Cheat?


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Its Funny How Men Cheat And Everybody Finds It An Acceptable Norm, I Mean A Man Can Flirt Around And Its Okay. Its A Different Story When Women Decide To Change The Type Of Soup They Take…I Mean You Can’t Be Eating Eba With Only Egusi Soup…There Is Ewedu , Ogbono, Bitter Leaf Soup e.t.c Variety Is The Spice Of Life. Most Times If Women Cheat It Has A Deeper Meaning. Most Men Have Flimsy Excuses For Why They Cheat But With Women Most Times It Runs Deep. We Are Super Like That ^_^

One Of The Reasons Why Women Cheat Is Insecurity. A Woman May Not Feel Secure In A Relationship She Is In Because The Man Hasn’t Shown Any Signs That He Is There To Stay. He Might Be Showing Signs of Un seriousness, So She Decides To Get An Insurance Policy :D . Insurance Policies Against Heart Break And Dissapointmet…No One Wants To Be Committed And Get Screwed Over, A Back Up Plan Is Needed.

Also, A Woman May Cheat Because She Is Unfulfilled. We All Know How Men Act When They Start Asking You Out,Immediately You Say Yes,They Change, They Become More Relaxed,They Don’t Do The Things They Used To Do That Made You Happy And Want Them. Women Begin To Lack Fulfillment So They Search Out For Another Man That Would Make Them Feel That Spark Again. We All Need Tear Rubber Once In A While… :)

All Men Think They Are Great Company =)) Please! Some Women Cheat Because They Don’t Want To Hurt Their Partners Feelings…Men Lose Ego When You Tell Them You Are Bored To Death With Them :| . So The Women Go Out To Get Better Company, So They Don’t Have To Hurt The Male Pride. Women Are Such Caring People :* .

Women Cheat For Revenge Too. I Mean When Your Partner Cheats On You As A Woman , What Are You supposed To Do?? Sometimes Cheating Is The Answer. Men Don’t Know How To Take Being Paid Back In Their Own Coin. Go Women!! Prove Your Point!

Finally, As Women We Need To Conquer. I Mean, If You Meet A Guy You Have A Crush On Or Admire You Should Have A Taste. Why Should Men Do All The Sampling, We Can Sample Market Too ;) . Chase That Fine Boy You Like Today!!! Go And Conquer. We Run The World.!!!!


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