Ordinary Neckpain: Nigerians blast Aisha Buhari who flew to Dubai for treatment


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Nigerians have berated the First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari who traveled to Dubai for medical treatment.

According to Punch, she had been  experiencing severe pain in her neck region and flew to Dubai for checkup.

A top source at the Presidency told The Punch,  “The First Lady started having severe neck pain during the 2019 Presidential electioneering. And she sought treatment abroad afterwards

However, recently the pain returned and was even worse than the first time. So, she was flown out last week. It was indeed a medical emergency.”

 Nigerians who were angered by the report, took to social media to express their displeasure.

Here are some reactions culled from Twitter;


Ordinary neck pain Aisha Buhari has flown to dubai 😰, poor Nigerians are dying of serious illness with no medical facilities to treat them…. God of the poor is watching


NEWS: Aisha Buhari flown to Dubai for medical treatment.

The N81bn they stole at NDDC during COVID-19 lockdown is enough to build the same world class hospital she’s going to in Dubai.


Aisha Buhari flown to Dubai for ordinary neck pain. Meanwhile here in Imo state sick and old pensioners were beaten to stupor for asking for their pension money. God, this people will suffer. Their will suffer here on Earth.


Nigerian are dying everyday due to Hunger, sickness, poverty, lack of employment but Aisha Buhari is been flown out of the country for just common Neck pain….


Our Governments are just treating us like animals but we will still survive by God Grace.


Wait so because Aisha Buhari has neck pain, they flew her to Dubai?

Do you know how many of my body parts has been paining me?


Tinubu only talks when they’re breaking his APC house. If it’s Southern Kaduna killings & rogue Nigerian Police extorting and killing Nigerians, he will just look away.

But suddenly Obaseki is now Adolf Hitler?

See Aisha Buhari wey go Dubai for ordinary neck pain, hmmmmmm


As I argued on @channelstv, Nigerians have the right to demand for the resignation of a failed government like this where Aisha Buhari has travel to Dubai to treat neck pains.

Arrested #RevolutionNow protesters should be released NOW.


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