Organised Labour Calls Off Nationwide Strike Before Kick-Off

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The organised labour has called off a nationwide strike it called to press home its demand for an upward review of the minimum wage in the country from N18,000 to N30,000.

The strike, which was due to commence by 12am on Tuesday, was called off minutes before it was due to kick off.

The President of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), who made the announcement, said the strike was called off after the tripartite negotiation committee set up to negotiate the new minimum wage agreed and signed necessary documents after a second marathon meeting.

He said, “The tripartite negotiating committee, as rightly put by the chairperson, has, this period, concluded its assignment; agreements have been reached, and also documents have been signed.

“The report will be submitted to Mr. President tomorrow by 4:15pm. Therefore, organised labour, we want to use this medium to thank all the tripartite partners for their understanding, and importantly for concluding this important national assignment.

“And having reached this position, and also the fact that the assignment has been concluded, the organised labour also decided that the proposed strike action is hereby suspended.”

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