Orlando Shooter Spared Black People Because “They had Suffered Enough” – Survivor


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One of the survivors of the Orlando shooting said the shooter, Omar Mateen spared black people because they had “suffered enough”

Omar Mateen killed about 50 people injuring 53 others when he went on a shooting spree in an Orlando nightclub called Pulse.

One of the survivors Patience Carter, 20, survived the attack but her friend 18-year-old Akyra Murray didn’t make. Akyra was the youngest person killed in the mass shooting and wasn’t even supposed to be there, but they were celebrating her graduation so she went along with Patience and her cousin.

Patience was in the bathroom with Akyra and her cousin as Mateen rampaged shooting people and even shot at them through the toilet door. At a point Patience narrated that Mateen asked if any of them was African American, when someone said they were, Mateen said he’d spare them as he felt black people had suffered enough already.

According to Patience he said, “I don’t have a problem with black people.

“This is about my country. You guys suffered enough.”
Akyra died from her injuries before she could be saved by paramedics. Patience says she feels survivor’s guilt as both herself and Akyra had already made it out but went back in for Patience’s cousin.
“It was a shock. We went from having the time of our lives to the worst night of our lives all within a matter of minutes.” she said.

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