Ortom: APC’s succeeded in ruining Nigeria


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The Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom says the APC-led Federal Government is ruining the nation.

He stated that the party has not displayed the level of seriousness needed to tackle challenges of insecurity, economic downturn, rising debts, high inflation, corruption among others, confronting the nation.

Ortom stated this in an interview with TheCable published on Friday.

He said that the Federal Government has been overwhelmed by the plethora of challenges, saying there must be devolution of power if things are to work right in Nigeria.

The Benue governor noted that insecurity has been on the rise in the state and Nigeria in general because of the centralised policing system.

He added that the creation of state police would help frontally tackle insecurity.

Ortom said, “This APC government is not serious, I have also said it. Tell me what they have succeeded in doing? Is it the economy, security, political or social activities of our country?

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“They have succeeded in ruining the entire country. The APC-led federal government has completely failed in all aspects. Is it corruption they are fighting? I can name several people. Where is (senator) Abdullahi Adamu that was being prosecuted by the EFCC, have you heard anything about his prosecution? Tell me about Akpabio – after Oshiomhole said “if you join APC you will become a saint, your sins are forgiven”. He was the minority leader of PDP (in the senate) and he was being prosecuted. As soon as he left and joined the APC, have you heard anything about his prosecution again? Tell me about the former governor of Gombe, Danjuma Goje. He was being prosecuted, he contested for senate (presidency) and they told him to leave and they will withdraw EFCC charges against him. Have you heard of anything like that?

“What kind of injustice is that? Do we have two constitutions in this country? One of sacred cows and one for some of us. You hear every day EFCC coming to arrest my subordinates for nothing. They will just frame lies and say they have taken this much. My chief of staff was arrested, my adviser on sustainable development goals was also arrested, they said he stole N5 billion, the other one N4 billion and there was no trace of any form of stealing that had taken place. There are people around the country who have stolen billions and go to APC, they become saints but those who stole chicken are jailed.

“This kind of injustice will not hold. That is why we keep saying that, look, the APC has gotten it wrong. I have a formula to rescue security, the economy, to rescue all the problems in this country and it is what our elite elder statesman, Maitama Yusuf Sule, said to Buhari when he went to congratulate him in 2015 before he was sworn in. He said “look Mr President, there can be no peace or development in the midst of injustice – ensure peace”. He repeated it, I have watched the video clip several times. He repeated it, “ensure justice, equity and fairness to the people, you are president for all, not a president for one”.

“I think the scriptwriters of Mr. President imposed what an American president did say, that he will be president for everybody and nobody.

“Look at the appointments, where is justice, where is equity, where is fairness in the appointments? Do we no longer have the federal character commission in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Do we no longer respect equity to ensure that all sections of the country are represented?

So this is the challenge we have, we can never have this and development – without equity fairness and justice. That is all I have been crying about. I tell him (Buhari) the truth, I tell him what I think will bring prosperity, will bring peace, will bring development to our country.”

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