Oscar Slap: LAPD Offers to Arrest Will Smith


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Oscar producer, Will Parker, says the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) offered Comedian Chris Rock the option of arresting Will Smith.

This was after the incident at the night of the Academy Award show where celebrity actor, and now Oscar award winner Will Smith had charged up to the stage and slapped the lights off Chris Rock.

It was the greatest night in the history of television, according to Chris Rock.

While reports have stated that The Academy had asked Smith to leave the event after the incident, Oscars producer Will Packer has now revealed more details about the incident during an interview with Good Morning America.

Packer informed Good Morning America that Chris Rock’s decision was not to press charges after the LAPD was summoned following the incident.

He said the LAPD were prepared to arrest Will Smith but did not do so owing to a few reasons including Chris Rock’s decision to not press charges against the actor.

According to reports from Pinkvilla, Packer stated that the LAPD tagged the incident as battery.

He also added that, the LAPD mentioned that they were prepared to arrest the actor, and informed Chris Rock that if he were to press charges, they could have arrested Smith right then and there.

But Chris was dismissive of the idea, and according to Parker, his words to the LAPD was “No, no, no, I’m fine.”

After declining to take action, Chris Rock during his recent standup show, said that he is still processing the incident and also clarified that he has not discussed what happed at the Oscars with anyone.

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This however suggests that Chris has not spoken to Smith after the actor shared a public apology to him on Instagram.

Due to the unforgettable slap, the Oscars 2022 is expected to remain a talking point for a while.

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