Oshiomhole attacks governors for rejecting new minimum wage


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Former National Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole says governors that have refused to pay the N30,000 new minimum wage have no excuse.

Oshiomhole, who is a former Governor of Edo State, said that a state that could not implement the new minimum wage have no business existing.

The former President of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) said he therefore took it as an insult that the National Assembly entertained a bill seeking to remove the minimum wage from exclusive legislative list to concurrent list.

Oshiomhole said, “When these people (governors) say they don’t have enough money, I just can’t understand it.

“Talking about minimum wage, for example, I have seen a lawyer who registered a company for N250 million in this country. That N250 million was more than $2 million.

“A country that can afford to give one lawyer such money, that lawyer was writing every day that N30,000 minimum wage is not realistic.

“A governor that buys Toyota Land Cruiser for whatever is the price in Sokoto, in Kaduna, in Edo, in Rivers, in Zamfara, in Lagos, when they are buying those vehicles, do they tell the marketer; sell according to the ability of my state?

“They pay the market price. So, why will you selectively apply this very dubious logic of ability? Nobody has the ability for anything except what such a person believes in and nobody has resources for anything except what he or she regards as a priority.

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“You cannot have a National Assembly that takes so much every day, every week, and every month and on the floor in National Assembly, somebody is questioning why a Nigerian worker should earn $60 for 30 days which is about $2 a day.

“I am a believer that if you are at the top of a mango tree and you are feasting on top of a mango tree and I’m on the ground and you are trampling my head, I have to grab your feet.”

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