Otondogate: NYSC planning to fib to Nigerians to protect Minister – Insider reveals


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The minister of finance has been under a lot of pressure following allegations that she was never given a certificate of exemption by the NYSC and did not participate in the compulsory National Youth Service exercise at all.

Now according to Premium Times, an NYSC insider has revealed that the governmental body plans to lie to Nigerians and let Mrs. Adeosun off the hook.

The NYSC has already released a short, terse statement in which they say that the Finance minister indeed applied for a certificate of exemption.

According to the insider source from Premium Times, the NYSC is being severely pressured to lie to Nigerian and protect Adeosun.

“Part of the plot, they’ve done the first part which is to claim that by their records they have seen that she applied,” the source said

“Now the next thing is they will now say is that from their records, the woman applied genuinely and that certificate was issued to her. But that who issued it to her is something they have not determined.

“But that definitely, it cannot be the woman’s fault because when she applied properly and it was issued to her, she had no way of knowing whether it was fake or genuine.”

This does seem to be the line being followed as in an interview with Channels TV’s Sunrise program, a former Mobilisation at the National Youth Service Corps, Anthony Ani, said that the certificate issued to Adeosun was fake. He said: “The NYSC cannot issue that kind of certificate. Yes, the one reported by Premium Times. We could not have issued that type.”

He added; “The certificate that I saw, that one that I saw if it is the one that they are talking about, the one I saw online, it was not issued by NYSC. I don’t know who issued it. It was not issued by NYSC because what I saw there, the signatory to that certificate was our DG (Gen. Bomoi) who left in January and Gen. Tsiga took over from Gen Bomoi.

“Tsiga was a sitting DG even as of that September 2009. So, I don’t know where her certificate came from but NYSC cannot make that kind of mistake. The NYSC that I served, I know can never make that kind of mistake.”

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