Outrage as Netflix to Debut Movie Depicting Twerking Children


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Movie lovers have expressed outrage at online movie streaming service, Netflix over its sexualisation of children in its new movie, ‘Cuties’.

The movie trailer shows 11 yr old girls acting as prostitutes and strippers, twerking, and dressing semi-nude to find liberation from their religion and family through sex.

The trailer attracted outrage as people condemned Netflix for its sexualisation of little girls in an age where there is a global effort against the menace of rape and sexual violence against women in the larger society.

Many people said Netflix was promoting immorality and promiscuity to young girls while portraying African and Islamic culture in a bad light.

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Other people also expressed concern at the rate with which Netflix has been promoting shows that sexualise young black women as well as encourage their exploitation.

Many bashed the online movie streaming service of attempting to portray Islam in a bad light while pushing the agenda that nudity and sexual promiscuity should be allowed for children.

They also accused Netflix and Hollywood in General of blurring the lines between childhood and adulthood with the continued production of movies that sexualise vulnerable groups in the larger society.

Some other tweeps expressed fear at the high rate with which the Female gender is turned into an object of Sexual desire from such a young age and called for the arrest of the film directors on charges of making child pornography.

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