Outrage as Nigerians compare Crowd at Abba Kyari’s Burial to Funke Akindele’s party amid COVID-19 Lockdown


The massive turnout of politicians and well-wishers at Abba Kyari’s burial has caused a huge stir online. Concerned Nigerians have called on relevant authorities to arrest the attendees of the burial who pose a health risk to the well-being of Nigerians after disobeying the social distancing rule.

It would be recalled that popular Nollywood Actress Funke Akindele was prosecuted and sentenced to 14-days community service for throwing a birthday party for her husband, JJC Skills and violating the social distancing order.

In the same vein, Nigerians have called for the prosecution of everyone who attended the burial of the late Chief of Staff,

See some reactions culled from Twitter;

Everyone that is present here should be arrested and given same punishment Funke Akindele was given or rather even far much more,this is the height of insensitivity,everyone here deserves same punishment. Nigerian police needs to swing into action immediately about this! Periodt!
Funke akindele had her birthday party and was prosecuted for social gathering. I can see the notherners and politicians gathering together like iced fish inside a carton for the burial of Abba Kyari. If nobody can prosecute you, Covid-19 will.

Funke akindele was prosecuted not obeying social gathering, the northerners and politicians are gathering together and not practicing social distance because of Abba Kyari, Are they above the law?



The government officials violated d rules of Social Distancing all in d name of giving Abba Kyari a “proper burial”.

Influencers that dragged Funke Akindele for same reason are silent. NCDC that stripped her off the ambassador title is silent.

Alexa play me “Falz – Hypocrite”.

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And they’re all just there for ‘eye service’ so that the family will think they are loyal. But Covid-19 is also loyal to those who wants to be foolish.




Look at them clustering like dead cows I don’t know which planet we should send this people to They don’t look or behave like humans Is this social distancing they are practicing ?? Smh



If only the @PoliceNG and @NCDCgov will apply the same energy they used in arresting Funke Akindele here.



Funke Akindele was arrested and arraigned for throwing a party in her house. Some politicians decided to organise a prayer session, hereby breaching the Presidential order & @NCDCgov  guideline on social distancing, but no action will be taken because ‘proximity to power?’



Over 800 people gathered to bid Abba Kyari goodbye in Gudu. Cancel Funke Akindele‘s community service and fine now. Let her go free.



Funke Akindele was arrested, lost her ambassadorship and sentence her to 14days community service for violating the lockdown order. But just look at the crowd gathered at Abba Kyari’s burial and they’re even showing it on national television. This country is an entire circus.

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