Over 20 Visa Scammer Arrested In Lagos

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Over 20 suspects who make counterfeit entry visas of some foreign countries have been arrested by the Police Special Fraud Unit.

On Saturday Audi Lawal the spokesman for the PSFU in a police statement said that the visa racketeers were arrested at several embassies of the foreign countries in Lagos.

“The suspects specialised in forgery of visa processing documents such as passports, bank statements, company letterheadings and immigration stamps of several overseas countries.”

All the suspects have admitted their guilt in court and were charged for prosecution to serve as deterrent to others involved in such illegal activities.

“The Polıce Special Fraud Unit in its effort to discourage members of the public from patronising racketeers and false document makers, recently busted a cartel which specialises in counterfeiting.

This cartel specialised in UK, Canada and Shengen visas, Nigerian passports, bank statements, various countries’ immigration stamps and letter of introduction from corporate organisations,” Lawal said.

Lawal urged visa applicants against using agents who use fake travel documents for processing visa at embassies in Nigeria.

He suggested visa applicants to always use embassies and high commissions information through their official websites when applying for a visa.

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