Boost Oxytocin Level and Feel More in Love With These Few Tips


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A lot of us might not recognize the word oxytocin but we sure have heard about the mysterious ‘love hormone’. That’s right, the hormone that makes you bond or connect more intimately with someone else. Some other popular nicknames associated with it include ‘bonding hormone’ and ‘cuddle hormone’.

In human studies, it has been gathered that as accurately as the names suggest, oxytocin assumes a key role in human bonding.

Several developments or occurrences can trigger the production of this hormone. It can be released during childbirth and breastfeeding, this explains the incredible bond between the mother and child. It could also be triggered during intimate moments like cuddling, kissing, hugging and sexual intercourse. However, the hormone does not automatically spike up a reaction between individuals or make them fall in love instantly. It can only boost the feelings that are already present.

Due to its positive impact on peoples moods and emotions, oxytocin has successfully won its way into the list of ‘happy hormones’.

Feeling the need to bond more with someone you care about?, here are few ways you can boost your oxytocin level.

  • Go out of your way to do something nice for someone

Studies have shown that selfless acts of kindness can significantly boost oxytocin release. Getting someone a gift can actively promote a feeling of happiness in the person and in turn bring you satisfaction thereby lifting your spirit.

  • Spend time with the people you care about

Hanging out regularly with friends is important. Spending time together can really go a long way in improving your social interactions, making you feel loved and supported. Being in the company of the ones you care about can also increase the level of trust and affection you have for them. To make the experience even more interesting, go on a new adventure together. Making new pleasant memories together will boost oxytocin release.

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  • Take some time to meditate

Meditation is known to bring relief from stress and anxiety. It improves your mood and helps you develop positive thinking towards others which in turn allows you to connect and bond more. When meditating, try to be specific; concentrate your thoughts on the person you really care about and direct thoughts of peace and love to them.

  • Engage in active conversations

Engage in pleasant and soulful conversations with the one you care about. Take time to listen and give positive feedback. You can even go as far as telling them how you feel about them and make them feel loved. This is a unique way to trigger oxytocin release.

  • Listen to some music

Relax and enjoy good music. If you know how, you can as well make your own music. Listen to love songs. Set your mind towards him or her. Allow the music to ease any tension you feel. You could even come up with lyrics of your own.

  • Acts of physical intimacy

Physical intimacy like cuddling, kissing or hugging can be just what you need for a little oxytocin release. These intimate acts make both parties feel extremely loved and wanted by the other. It doesn’t always have to be sexual intimacy, although sex is just as great a method as others. Whenever you spend time together, hug or cuddle with the one you love and feel the love grow stronger.


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