Oyegun lacks leadership credentials to be Chairman of APC – Katsina lawmaker calls for his resignation

Senator Abu Ibrahim (APC, Katsina South) has dropped his two kobo concerning the leadership tussle affecting the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC).

Ibrahim in an interview with journalists said the Chairman of the APC, Chief John Oyegun lacks the leadership to move the party from chaos to el-Dorado.

He told Daily Trust:

“People should not forget that the APC is an amalgamation of different factions, orientations, experiences and even personalities.
“Therefore, if the party wins and forms the government, the party leadership should be able to mash those different groups. There should be a proper and proactive approach while the government is concentrating on governance.

Again, they must have some proactive engagement with the government too, but unfortunately, the leadership of the party is not active enough,” he said.

“Buhari is the president of Nigeria, and of course he is the national leader of the party. But who does the day-to-day running of the party? Who does the day-to-day monitoring of the party? Who does the day-to-day control of the party?

“Look, the fact is that Mr President is handling lots of serious jobs; somebody who wants to change Nigeria, somebody who wants to crush corruption, somebody who wants to fight insecurity, and then the economy is dwindling. How can he have time to go and be talking on the party? So, the leader (chairman) of the party is the person responsible. If the party is in crisis, it’s his responsibility.”

“Unfortunately, people thought that as a retired federal permanent secretary, he (Oyegun) should be able to set up internal conflict resolution mechanisms, considering where the party came from, which is amalgamation of various groups.

“The president is facing gargantuan task, the price of oil, the revenue, then fighting insecurity and fighting corruption. I mean these are enough to fill caps. Therefore, he needs an astute political party manager, who will be able to see things, who will be able to create mechanisms that would resolve conflicts,” he said.

Asked if he agrees with the call by Tinubu that Oyegun should resign, Senator Ibrahim said, “Of course, if he likes let him resign, I don’t bother myself. You see, unfortunately, in Nigeria you don’t resign.”

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