Oyegun Tasks Judiciary on Fast tracking Corruption Cases


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National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun has asked the judiciary to ensure that corruption cases are fast tracked so that they can be disposed of quickly.

Oyegun said this at the post-investiture reception for Dr. Muiz Banire as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, in Abuja on Monday.

He noted that some corrupt individuals in the public service have amassed so much wealth that even in 10 lifetimes, they will never exhaust the money.

Oyegun said “There must be easier way; there must be either decisive justice, real justice without defeating the purpose of justice and without defeating the means to reform our society.

“Reform we must; and that reform must permeates all sectors of the economy and the polity.

“The matter today is corruption and if we do not have the way that corruption cases can be treated or heard and disposed off quickly and particularly in circumstance where today when we talk of corruption, we are not talking of a few millions of naira, we are not talking of five per cent; we are talking about something approaching trillions.

“These people can keep us in court all year long and for many years. In cases that are very obvious, very clear that if you total everything it would be what one would have earned in all his life time and if he comes ten times over to the world there is no way he could have accumulated the kind of wealth he has, particularly for people in public service.

“What is serious is that in a period like this when we want to change the society and change the society quickly, it is important that it is in tandem with the Judicial system.”

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