COVID-19: 2 Oyo Patients Abscond Isolation Centre


In a recent development, the Government of Oyo State on Wednesday announced that two coronavirus patients have absconded from the isolation centre where they are being treated for the disease.

“Of the 33 active cases being managed by the state, two have absconded, possibly to their permanent places of residence. This brings the number of active cases in Oyo State to 31,” Oyo State governor, Seyi Makinde said in a statement posted on popular social media platform, Twitter

However, The governor failed to mention what actions are being taken about the abscounded patients.

Oyo State







Makinde revealed that ten other patients of COVID-19 are self-isolating while twenty-one cases are being attended to in the isolation centres in Oyo State- one at the University College Hospital, Ibadan & twenty in Olodo.


Nineteen of these twenty cases at Olodo, Makinded said, are asymptomatic & the last person has anosmia, loss of smell.

The governor announced that a total of 975 samples have been obtained and are being processed.

Makinde revealed that the state recorded a new case on Tuesday after the result of one suspected case who is resident in Ibadan came back positive.

The governor also mentioned that five new cases were also confirmed on Monday. Makinde said four of the five cases are immigrants and while the remaining one is an Oyo State resident.

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