Paid Internships in Kenya in 2018


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Successful professionals running high profile careers whether in their own practice or the corporate world have come a long way. A job begins at a lower level, and then an employee climbs the ladder to top positions. Most graduates nationally have had to apply for entry-level jobs or internship jobs in Kenya at one point in their early career lives. That is not to say that all internships are that friendly or that internships are generally a walk in the park. Those applying should expect a few challenges. Most of the work you got to do has a lot to do with real life rather than what you knew in college. Nevertheless, there exists a lot of attachment opportunities in Kenya. In fact, the only thing that is rarely scarce is an internship opportunity.

Best Paid Internships in Kenya

That being said, we still have some of the best-paid internships in Kenya, particularly in Nairobi and other corners of this country. You simply need to sound a bit competitive and aggressive to land on a decent internship opportunity with a multinational corporation like Unilever. The internship salary for the top paying companies can be extremely enticing and even slightly better than many experienced workers working in some other companies in higher permanent positions better than an internship. In other words, you need to keep your eyes open and be on the lookout. Only very rarely will you miss an advertisement inviting applications for an internship. As we move forward, internships in Kenya 2018 will be more in number considering the political dust has settled down.

Better Internship Packages in Banks

It is reasonable now that we look into some of the industries that are most likely to give you some of the best perks as you start your career. Banks have an overbearing presence in this country. Some market analysts have even suggested that the banking sector is the only one that rakes in profits at the end of the day. Internship in Kenya banks opportunities sometimes means you may secure an opportunity to work with the particular bank. We have seen dozens of people securing long-term contracts with the banks they interned at. The multinational Standard Chartered Bank might be your best bet as far as good remuneration for interns is concerned. Their entry-level jobs include working for some months while undergoing on job training and you could still be earning as high as fifty thousand Kenyan shillings. The Kenya commercial bank follows in closely with an intern earning not less than fifteen thousand when working in a rural area, and much more in cities and urban centers. I $ M bank is another that rewards handsomely. NIC, CFC Stanbic Bank, Cooperative Bank, Eco Bank, KCB, National Bank of Kenya, and Equity Bank of Kenya are all banks that give their interns an offer to start a career on a financially stable footing.

Internships in Non-Governmental Organizations in Kenya

NGO internships in Kenya are another area you need to focus on. Kenya has a huge number of NGO’s compared to its neighbors in this part of the universe. International non-governmental organizations, in particular, are interested in having more professionals join the development sector. Serious humanitarian situations around the world demand that more people with experience in the nonprofit sector are produced. Some of them have quite a strict value system that you must be committed to before an offer comes your way. Some have strict religious values or other societal competencies that you must be genuinely interested in before you can work for them. Nevertheless, most of them will go on to give you reasonable packages that conform to international labor standards. They may easily be the best paying institutions in the country only that so many people have now set their focus on them. Competition definitely tightens the selection criteria, and that means that you must adequately package yourself competitively to outdo other. There are significant NGO’s that encourage graduate recruitment of interns, and the possibility of you being absorbed in the same or similar organization gets higher.

Lucrative Aviation Industry Internship

The aviation industry is another sector you could watch out for as the year kicks in. Internships in Kenya Airways, for example, have become a bit more frequently in the past few months. With the company having been in the mood not to employ too many long-term employees, it has suddenly resorted to offering quite lucrative internships to those who need them most. While the assumption is that it is an aviation company and therefore needs aviation related courses, it takes almost all courses on most occasions. Ranging from administration interns, legal interns, hospitality interns, to accounts interns. Fill the relevant internship application form, submit, and wait for a response.

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