#PanamaPapers: 100 Top Nigerians Set To Be Exposed

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Premium Times has disclosed that it will release a publication today, Thursday, May 5, containing the names of about 100 Nigerians, and companies that have been identified in the Panama Papers.

These Nigerians and companies have been so far identified in the leaked internal data of Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonsecca, as operators of offshore shell companies in tax havens.

According to the media house’s chief editor, Dapo Olorunyomi, the planned release of the names was in response to widespread and relentless request by the paper’s readers for more of the Nigerian characters in the infamous database, now globally known as #PanamaPapers.

“Our team will keep digging into the database,” Olorunyomi said. “As more revelations become public, we will make them public,” he added.

He praised the professionalism of the five-man team at the paper that has worked for months pouring through the data, extracting what is relevant for Nigeria and investigating the individuals and the companies identified to add context to the revelations.

“The way our young but immensely talented team has worked on the challenging project has continued to amaze me and to be honest, this company cannot reward them enough,” he said.


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