Parents Cancel Disney+ Over LGBTQ Content Targeted at Young Children


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Conservative parents have begun to make the call to cancel Disney+ over the inclusion of LGBTQ content in their programming for young children.

Many parents are expressing serious concern and referring to this agenda of inclusion as perverse and immoral.

Executives at Disney had previously said that they were now being allowed to include LGBTQ content in children’s programs without any restrictions.

In response to this, parents are asking where they need to draw the line. Conservative activist, Candace Owens, stated in a tweet “Not once inch when it comes to our children. Give these perverts and predators not one inch.”

Disney boycott
Source: twitter.

The hashtag #BoycottDisney has been trending for a few days. Parents are canceling their subscriptions to Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+.

Many predict the company’s stock may experience a steady fall due to their left-leaning political stance.

Conservative media company, The Daily Wire has also announced that they would begin producing children’s entertainment to rival Disney’s “woke” agenda.

It is also worthy of not that while it may be in the best interest of young children to be protected from content involving sexuality, the outrage seems to be more politically motivated.

It looks to be a political Left against Right contest. Disney is not being held accountable based off how much of this content they are exposing children to, but merely about their political leanings.

Their opposition of the Florida Parental Rights Bill sparked the controversy on their political stance and created the Domino effect of this boycott.

It may seem as though, in trying to please one group of people, Disney created another problem for themselves by unsettling parents who would rather not have their children exposed to LGBTQ content.

The company is yet to make any official statement or address to quell the fires of the boycott. It may be seen as a clear message that they are doing this “with their full chest.” Or they may simply be stuck in the game of trying to play both sides.

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