COVID-19: Paris Police Bans Nighttime Food, Drink Sales


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Paris police on Thursday banned takeaway and delivery sale of food and drinks between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., a week into France’s second coronavirus lockdown.
Businesses offering delivery, takeaway and alcohol sales at night were generating trips and gatherings that had to be limited due to the health situation, the city’s chief of police Didier Lallement said in a statement published on Twitter.
France has recorded daily coronavirus infection numbers ranging between 35,641 and 52,518 over the past week, as it faces a fierce second wave of the virus that is putting hospitals under renewed pressure.

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There have been 2,889 deaths of Covid-19 patients in the week of Wednesday, taking the national total death toll since March to 38,674.
Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo earlier said she preferred to trust economic players and citizens, and not to take too bureaucratic an approach.
But, she told BFMTV television, “When there are players who don’t play the game and put the health of the greater number, obviously, at risk, then restrictions become necessary.’’(dpa/NAN)

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