Does Pasta Really Help You Gain Weight?


Arguments about pasta being effective for weight gain have not ceased to thrive all over the place. Note that being underweight is no joke as it can significantly affect both immunity and overall health negatively. However, it is indeed unfortunate that its emphasis is not as strong as that of obesity and overweight cases. To gain weight in a healthy and effective way, it is important to eat wholesome and nutritious foods that contain enough calories to replace the ones we burn off.

Studies have shown that pasta contains calories needed to put on a few extra pounds. A cup of cooked and enriched pasta, say macaroni or spaghetti, contains about 221 calories in total and to gain up to 0.5 or 1 pound every week, consumption of about 250 to 500 extra calories is necessary.

This implies that a simple addition of pasta to your daily meal plan can significantly bring about an increase in a healthy weight.

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Pasta is also a rich source of several other nutrients that are essential for good health. Particularly iron and the B-complex vitamins.

To get the best results, you might want to add in some protein (sauces or other toppings) along with it coupled with a proper weight-training/ workout program. Amino acids (building blocks of protein) work actively to produce brand new muscle tissues and help you gain lean mass after protein consumption.

We can get the needed protein from chicken/turkey breast, salmon, crabs, soya, kidney beans, eggs, beef, and pork steak (They are all complete protein sources because they contain all amino acids).

Bottom Line

Pasta can significantly provide calories that help an individual to gain weight but more research needs to conducted to ascertain its level of efficiency. Its effects can vary from person to person due to various reasons.

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