Pastor Who Flogged Church members for Premarital Sex Accused of Adultery, Dragged on Social Media


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Yesterday a controversial video featuring a Pastor who flogged two members of his congregation for having Premarital sex surfaced online and made the rounds shocking people everywhere.

The pastor, Bishop Daniel Obinim, flogged 2 members of his congregation when it was discovered that the two had had sex and the woman was pregnant as a result.

That same pastor has now been accused of committing adultery by sleeping with a Junior colleague’s wife. and got way with it

He was also alleged to have gotten away with it without any repercussions.

This immediately elicited a strong reaction from people on Social media who started to drag the bishop for his acts.

You can check out some of the posts below.

Controversial Pastor


Controversial Pastor1


Controversial Pastor2


Controversial Pastor3


Controversial Pastor4


Controversial Pastor5


Controversial Pastor6


Controversial Pastor7


Controversial Pastor8


Controversial Pastor9


Controversial Pastor10


Controversial Pastor11


Controversial Pastor12




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