PDP Crisis: Jonathan reconsidering plan to seek re-election in 2015


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Sources who prefer anonymity have said that the dramatic and unexpected creation of a faction of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), now known as the “new PDP” has unsettled President Goodluck Jonathan as he is now jittery over his reelection in the 2015 elections.
Going by the political machinations of the parallel PDP, there are indications that the party has being polarised in a sense that seems they could be very formidable.
So a source said President Jonathan may eventually jettison his ambition to contest for the Presidency by 2015 as he is said to be unsure of who is trustworthy within the party.
Nevertheless, the president has summoned members of his inner caucus in the PDP to deliberate on the way forward.
“To say the President was rattled is an understatement. The split hit him hard because none of us in the Presidency saw it coming. We thought we had papered over the cracks in the last two weeks before the convention.
“So, it was a huge embarrassment to see the dramatic way the coup was pulled off. What is more painful is that most of those behind the brazen attempt to ruin the party were people who came in recent times to personally pledge loyalty to Mr. President.”
Besides, an unnamed governor in the parallel PDP has revealed the reasons for the group’s intention to still remain in the PDP.
“Pulling out of PDP at this stage would be a strategic blunder” he told a reporter in Abuja.
“If we leave, the rump of the party can quickly rally round and fight back. The idea is to stay behind and fight so that the party will be further weakened so that by the time we finally leave, what is left of the PDP and its leadership will no longer have the capacity for further mischief.
“Part of the strategy is to get the states whose delegates were disqualified to challenge the outcome of the mini-convention in court and seek annulment.
“The plan is to get favourable judgment which may bar the PDP from even presenting a Presidential candidate in 2015. It is possible and this can only be done from within PDP, not outside. When you join another party, you no longer have a locus for such litigation.
“Secondly, we now have the majority in the National Assembly and we don’t want any distraction by people calling for their resignation before joining a new party. When the time comes, we will move and Nigerians will know that something fundamental has happened. The idea for now is to redefine PDP.
“We are redefining the party for now, not abandoning it. When the time for abandonment comes, Nigerians will know,” the source further stated.
The governor however, believes the group’s goal has been achieved.
The “New PDP,” is now being suspected as the masterminds behind the formation and eventual registration of the Peoples Democratic Movement
There are indications that former President, Olusegun Obasanjo’s intervention might not be significant this time around because of the strong influence of his staunch rival, former vice president, Atiku Abubakar and also for the very secretive way the group operates.

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