PDP is for everyone, we will rescue Nigeria from crisis – National Chairman


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In the midst of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) crisis, the party’s National Chairman, Iyorchia Ayu, has stated that the political party is not only for one section of Nigeria, but for the entire country.

He stated this on Thursday, when he addressed a large crowd of party supporters at the Ilorin Metropolitan Square in Kwara State during Atiku Abubakar’s presidential campaign.

“Let me tell you that PDP is one big united family which includes all the whole of Kwara State. We are on our way back to victory.

“PDP has come back to rescue this country and put it back on the path of development for every family, for every young man, for every old person.

“We are a party for all; we are not a party for only one part of the country. That is why we selected a unifier, somebody who will bring everybody on board and make sure that we rebuild this country.”

Atiku’s rally

Atiku Abubakar stated that if elected, his administration will set aside $10 billion to create jobs and boost small and medium-sized businesses in order to help the country’s youth and women gain employment.

The former vice president lambasted the ruling party (APC) for the country’s insecurity, claiming that Buhari and his party have failed Nigerians in the areas of security and economic development.

At the presidential rally in Illorin, Kwara State, on Thursday, Atiku bemoaned the country’s state of insecurity and infrastructure decay, citing Kwara as an example, saying the state connects both south and north but bad roads have hampered growth within the state.

Addressing the massive crowd that gathered to welcome the party’s campaign train, Atiku stated that if elected in 2023, he will completely transform the lives of Nigerians.

Earlier in his speech, the PDP’s Vice Presidential candidate, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, stated that he is pleased with what he has seen in Kwara. Okowa stated that the large crowd receiving the political party demonstrated that people are very hungry and are willing to drive hunger away.

He said “the PDP is ready to create employment and won’t allow our children stay 8 month without going to school.”

He further assured that, “the PDP will win in all six geo-political zone of the country. We will work with the people and rebuild Nigeria.”

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