Pentagon announces strengthening of 7,200 military forces serving in Africa


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The U.S. Department of Defence has announced the realignment of Counter-Violent Extremist Organisation (C-VEO)  personnel operating in U.S. Africa Command to support priorities outlined in the National Defence Strategy.

Pentagon said that it would optimise its 7,200 military forces serving across Africa and did not plan to embark on any significant reduction of the personnel.

It added that “the realignment projects a reduction of less than 10 per cent of the 7,200 military forces serving in Africa Command in the next several years.

“Optimisation preserves the majority of U.S. security cooperation partnerships and programmes in Africa to strengthen partner networks, enhance partner capability and support ongoing programmes.”

It said C-VEO activities in several areas, including Somalia, Djibouti and Libya largely remained the same.

In other regions, such as West Africa, Pentagon said, emphasis shifted from tactical assistance to advising, assisting, liaising and sharing of intelligence.

“Overall, optimisation efforts retain the flexibility to adjust, as required, to maintain a competitive posture in a dynamic, global environment,” Pentagon added. (NAN)

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