Pentecostal Pastors Fellowship Releases Statement About President Buhari’s Administration


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The PFN recently aired its views on various issues in the polity after the statutory meeting of its National Executive Council held at Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital.

Read below:

  1. On the state of the Nigerian economy The PFN is aware that Nigeria is passing through difficult economic times and calls on Nigerians to show greater understanding. We appreciate government’s efforts at diversifying its revenue portfolio and wish for a more concerted effort in that direction. We call for a speedy resolution of these issues with a view to creating a more conducive enabling environment for life and economic activities in the country.
  1. Anti-corruption efforts of the government The PFN supports and salutes the federal government for confronting the monster. We urge all Nigerians to support these efforts being made to tackle corruption. However, the PFN advises on the need for the war against corruption to be fought within the ambit of the laws of the land. There should be neither sacred cows nor sacrificial lambs in this necessary fight against corruption.
  1. Insurgency The PFN appreciates the efforts of the federal government in decisively dealing with the insecurity arising from Boko Haram activities. PFN notes, with appreciation, the efforts of the security forces in combating this menace with the result that peace and security is gradually returning to parts of the country hitherto held by the insurgents. PFN appeals to all Nigerians to show understanding and tolerance for one another and unite against terrorism.
  1. Terrorist activities by herdsmen The PFN is deeply concerned by the activities attributed to Fulani herdsmen in different parts of the country. In recent times, more reports of rampant killings and outright decimation of communities have come from many states across the country. This wanton waste of lives, we consider totally unacceptable. PFN is concerned with government’s seeming inaction, over time, which appears to have emboldened the perpetrators.
  1. Abduction of vulnerable young under-aged girls The PFN views with dismay the abduction of vulnerable young under-aged girls and forcefully marrying them out. The PFN frowns at the pattern of abduction and forceful conversion of Christians and urges an immediate stop to such acts capable of instigating a breakdown of law and order. PFN urges that religion should be used to divide the nation.
  1. Cattle grazing and ranching The PFN urges caution and vigilance on the proposed grazing bill. We oppose any bill that seeks to put at a disadvantage others to cater for the needs or economic pursuit of only a few. The PFN restates her position that in this day and age, raising cattle not necessarily be nomadic. State governments can explore opportunities for co-operation with other states to develop ranches.
  1. Re: ”A bill to substitute the Kaduna state religious preaching law of 1984” The PFN agrees that state governments have the right to make laws for the peaceful co-existence of the citizenry and PFN supports that. However, we believe in the freedom to practice our religion, as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution, which is supreme to every other law. PFN advises the Kaduna state government to engage productively in dialogue with all stakeholders on the above-listed bill presently before the state assembly.
  1. Education We see no wisdom in merging Christian Religious Studies with other religions under the broad subject knows as Religion and National Values (RNV) in the curriculum. We reject this change which we consider unnecessary and uncalled-for. We are not convinced that NERDC has put sufficient thought to its proposition. The PFN calls on those concerned to engage more with all stakeholders and ensure that all areas of conflicts are addressed.
  1. Unemployment The PFN is concerned about the alarming rate of unemployment in our society. We see this is a time bomb. We urge government at all levels to tackle unemployment and engage our teeming youths productively. Enabling environment should be created for business to thrive, so that more people can be meaningfully engaged.
  1. The Nigeria Project The PFN urges all Nigerians to exercise more patience and understanding, continue to build bridges of tolerance and maintain their belief in the Nigeria project. We call on all Christians, especially the Pentecostals, to continue to lift the nation in prayers, at all times. We also urge for support for government’s efforts in making our nation a better place for all of us.


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