Petition Started For Deportation of Kenyan, American Prostitutes from Nigeria


On December 28, a petition for the deportation of Kenyan and American prostitutes from Nigeria was initiated online.

The petition background read

We the citizens of Nigeria are growing tired of the increasing amounts of young women coming from all over the world to Nigeria to hunt and sleep with wealthy Nigerian men.

Many of these men are unfortunately politicians and business men alike and since the rise of social media have caused number of issues, public humiliation and embarrassment to the wives of these women.

We are hoping that the new APC government will be zero tolerance on prostitution In Nigeria.

The cases of women coming from Kenya and America have become a popular habit.

The Nigerian law on deportation states that any prostitute or any person trading in prostitution shall be deemed to be a prohibited immigrant and liable to be refused admission into Nigeria or to be deported as the case may be.

The petition already has 11 Signatures although the target is 1000. It was initiated by  a petitioner simply identified as ‘Morris’

The petition was inspired by a thread titled “High Paid Escorts/Prostitutes: Jyoti & Kiran Matharoo” on

Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo are both popular socialites in Lagos, they own a restaurant on the Island. It was once reported that one of the sisters is dating Caroline Danjuma’s husband.

Recently, they both engaged in an Instagram row, read the gist here.

One of the forum users also posted a story about the alleged relationship between one Keela Harrison and an Abuja based Oil Baron, Chucks Iroche.

The user claimed the two were involved because Keela kept flaunting her endless trips to Nigeria to see Chucks even after she got married.

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